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Magnificent elegance and beauty in all of our natural stone fire boulders -
Tranquil, Soothing Illumination

Transform any outdoor living space with the magnificense and detail of a Burning Boulder®. Your guests will quickly succumb to the beauty of the stone; shaped by glacial artistry and millenia of colliding geological forces. This conversation piece is both, seductive and soothing. Your friends and family can thank us later!

Hand Cut Stone Fire Pits

Our skilled craftsmen hand select only the finest boulders to be cut and shaped into elegant works of art. It's this process that ensures premium color, dimension, stratification, symmetry and aesthetic quality. To assist us in the selection of your boulder, please view our samples and then send us a detailed email with the specific size and color of the stone you wish to order.

Fire Pit Installation Steps

Step #1: Delivery
Schedule Rail, Interstate, or Local Delivery
Step #2: Placement
Depending on size, hydraulic lift or hand cart
Step #3: Hookup
Connect gas line
Step #4: You're Done
Ignite & Enjoy!

Fire Pit Pricing

Small:   $600 - $1,199
  • Portable
  • Quick setup
  • Unique shapes
  • Deep, rich color variation
  • Bulk order discounts
Large - $1,200+
  • Permanant Placement
  • Large, flat stone top surface
  • Robust luminance for social gatherings
  • 360 degree natural rock face
  • High volume heat producing burner
Email for price quotes


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We're available Mon - Sat, Sunday is a day of rest.

Stutzke Stone
160 River Dr.
Clark Fork, ID 83811-9731

Phone:  (208) 946-3905

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